Six pregnancy superstitions that are (sort of) backed by science

We’ve all heard our share of bizarre pregnancy superstitions. Don’t wear high heels or your baby will be born cross-eyed. Don’t eat spicy food or your child will be a mean person. Don’t let your man wear socks to bed or you’ll have trouble conceiving. Don’t get really drunk and jump off a tall roller […]

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Four-step DIY floral nursery mobile

Image: 12th and White

Styling your baby’s nursery doesn’t need to cost you a fortune (or require a degree in Interior Decorating). We’ve got a simple, stunning tutorial that will show you how to create a floral mobile in just four easy steps. Choose your colour scheme, add your own personal touches and make it as big or as […]

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The 16 stages of choosing a baby name

Confused baby

There’s no denying it. Choosing a baby name is hard. Choosing TWO names (unless you’ve found out what you’re having)…forget it. I’m currently in the ” Reading the credits of movies for inspiration” phase. See you on the other side…  The first time you hear the “perfect name”… via GIPHY The fifth time you hear it… […]

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Ode to the Manhattan Tee (aka my Maternity uniform)

Blossom and Glow

Today is hot. Like, really hot. I just spilled coffee all over myself. My shoes are soggy. My hair is frizzy. I’m pregnant. And I’ve just run out of snacks. Yep, it’s one of those days. However, in the midst of the madness I’ve looked down at my poor, milk-stained T-shirt and thought… I’ve never loved an item of […]

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Boost your supply! 3 recipes for lactation cookies or boobie bikkies

These cookies make a great homemade gift for new mums, especially if they need a boost to their milk supply and are super easy with our 3 lactation cookies recipes. Alternatively, if you are expecting a newborn why not whip yourself up a batch and freeze ahead? They not only help increase (or maintain) milk supply […]

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Your hospital bag: The stuff you don’t need

Image: Shutterstock

In those long final weeks of pregnancy, the Packing Of The Hospital Bag can become a bit of an obsession. During my first pregnancy I spent many hours researching, reading online forums and scanning the comments section of blogs to make sure I packed the “perfect” bag. This time around I know the truth: There’s […]

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Baby #2: The stuff I’m scared about

living lifes moments hero

When I started writing this post, I was worried it would get all deep and emotional and freak everybody out. But it turns out I’m not even that scared. I actually found it hard to come up with five things that terrify me. Which is a good sign, I guess! Less time with my big girl Ok. […]

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Baby #2: The stuff I’m excited about

Living Lifes Moments_hero

With less than three months to go, this baby is coming whether I’m ready or not. Each day is a new, exciting, emotional, scary, funny, anxiety-ridden roller coaster ride. Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down, mostly I’m just busting for the loo. My thoughts and emotions are all over the place, so this is my […]

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25 clever ways to use coconut oil

Coconut Oil

Substitute into cooking, use as a skin treat or keep your furniture shiny and glossy. You’ll be surprised how far one little jar of coconut oil will go!

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7 not-too-naughty dips for summer

taste of home

If you’re drooling at the photos in this post, have some sympathy for the 20-week pregnant author! It was all I could do not to race home and immediately start whipping up each of these recipes (for the baby, you understand, not me!). Make friends at your next house party, or simply veg out on the […]

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