Seven Key Steps to Toddler-Proofing Your Home

A picture of a baby climbing in a house that needs toddler-proofing

Toddler-proofing your house: seven key ways to ensure your little ones live and play in a safe environment. This guest article about toddler-proofing your home is written by Luci Aldrin, a part-time freelance writer and a full-time mother to an inquisitive, energetic toddler. She pens a wide range of publications, primarily interior design and parenting […]

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Not Kidding

A picture of a parent with childless friends

Childless friends. You’ve probably got a few—but why have they made this choice and how do you keep them in your life? Life is unpredictable. One minute you’re a party animal, stumbling home at 5 am with no other objective than to crawl into bed. The next you’re a parent, peeling your head from the […]

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Wonder Women

A picture of a young child supporting Australian female sports stars

A contingent of Australian female sports stars is giving us plenty to be proud of—and showing all our kids the dizzying heights they can aspire to. The old, very antiquated saying goes something like this: behind every great man is a great woman. Pfft, step aside, fellas! Women are being great all on their own! […]

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What Mums Say vs What They Really Mean

A picture of a woman expressing things mums say

The definitive list of things mums say. If mums did not have a well-refined filter in place to prevent all the thoughts in their heads from spilling out of their mouths, they would probably lose custody of their kids or end up in prison. With that in mind, here are some common things mums say […]

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Things you should never say to parents with one child

Picture of one child and mother in street

It seems that people who have one child are treated with curiosity and a touch of suspicion. Even I almost typed “only one child” instead of “one child”, as if one couldn’t possibly be enough *apologises and ducks for cover* Here are some sentences you should avoid uttering around people who have one child (almost […]

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The Winter’s Circle

A picture of a child cooking winter food

The best winter food options you can pack into your children’s lunchboxes. If you’re thinking it’s getting harder to get your children up in the morning, you’re probably right. The colder months are looming large, and the task of exiting the comfort and security of a toasty warm bed is becoming more unwelcome for all […]

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Like Fortnite and Day

A picture of kids playing Fortnite

Wondering why your kids won’t stop talking about something called Fortnite? Never fear, we’ll get you plugged into the current video game craze. If it won’t cause you too many heart palpitations, cast your mind back to when you were a child. Look past the awkward clothing and ignore the cavalcade of pimples for a […]

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Things never to say to single parents

As someone who has had extensive experience with single parenting, and who also knows lots of other single parents, there are certain comments from usually well-meaning folk that make us laugh, cry or hurl (depending on mood and personality type). I’m so sorry to hear that! You mean well, I get that. But my life […]

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Historical parenting trends that would not fly today

The next time a person of a certain age rolls their eyes at you and laments about “parents today”, present them with the following evidence of the bizarre, dangerous and downright cruel parenting trends of yesteryear. Open-air baby cages These days, we might feel like we’re constantly badgering, begging or bribing our kiddies to go […]

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