Book, Line and Sinker

A picture of a child enjoying a book on Book Lovers Day

Book Lovers Day 2019 is this Friday, August 9th. We’ve compiled our list of the top reads for kids of all ages. Book Lovers Day may seem like a bit of an anachronism in modern society. In a world run by the Internet, social media and anything on a screen, the notion of sitting down […]

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Why comic books are great for your child’s literacy development

Today is Star Wars Day (because May the Fourth – geddit?) However, did you know that today is also Free Comic Book Day? As the name suggests, this is a day where participating comic book stores give a free comic book to anyone visiting their shop. It’s also an excellent opportunity to get your child […]

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27 unusual baby names inspired by literature

As Book Week festivities draw to a close, we parents can heave a huge sigh of relief and return to: 1) Enjoying reading. 2) Contemplating having more children. So on that note, we are bringing you a list of unusual literary baby names that will (or at least might) make you sound clever and insightful. […]

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The lazy parent’s guide to clever book week costumes

Dressed up girl

For parents who are lazy, poor, busy, or lacking in discernible arts and crafts skills, nothing strikes more fear in our hearts (and bladders) like Book Week. Which is coming up later this week – 18 to 24 August to be exact. Are you ready? My kids have reached that age where they’re old enough […]

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The best christmas books by age

Reading child

As those of you following would know, I’ve been celebrating Christmas since early October. The rest of polite society is now catching up – the town Christmas tree is lit, shopping centre Santas are waiting patiently for the onslaught of dribbling, blubbering pants-wetting masses, and a certain radio station has started playing Band-Aid’s Do They […]

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QUIZ TIME! Can you speak Roald Dahl?


Roald Dahl has been credited for inventing several hundred new words … including six that have recently been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Roald Dahl Day is coming up on 13 September, celebrating one of the world’s most beloved authors. In preparation for this momentous day, we want to help you plump up your knowledge […]

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The importance of bedtime stories and how to make the most of them

Ahh the bedtime story. Usually enjoyable, sometimes a chore, but always important. We explore the benefits of reading to your child, provide tips on how to get the most out of bedtime reading and source suggestions for good bedtime stories. Why are bedtime stories good for children? The benefits of reading to your child are […]

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Top of the plops: 13 of the best poo and fart books


From toddlers giggling at their own farts, to Granny regaling unsuspecting dinner guests with graphic accounts of her bowel woes, humankind has always had a fascination with toilet tales. Since the poop emoji burst onto the scene in 2010, it has remained one of the most widely used emojis of all time, peaking during last […]

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Which Stuck On You label is right for me?


Feeling overwhelmed about what to label before school starts? Let’s put an end to that. Here’s our handy guide to what needs labelling, and which Stuck On You labels will help you avoid the Lost Property box this term. Let’s jump right into it… because that new school year is just around the corner! School uniforms […]

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Hear ye, hear ye, our podcasts are here!


Hurrah, our podcast is finally here! You spoke, we listened! Our recent customer surveys found that many of you are interested in learning more about a variety of topics, including healthy eating for families, the psychological wellbeing of your children and how to encourage a love of reading. Because we adore our customers and want to be […]

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