Why women choose not to have children: a frank and open discussion

A picture of two women jumping because they do not have kids

To have or to not have kids? That is the question. These days, more and more women are making this choice, so Stuck On You sat down with a few of them to find out why. The following interview about the conscious decision to not have kids is based on real conversations with real people. […]

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Not Kidding

A picture of a parent with childless friends

Childless friends. You’ve probably got a few—but why have they made this choice and how do you keep them in your life? Life is unpredictable. One minute you’re a party animal, stumbling home at 5 am with no other objective than to crawl into bed. The next you’re a parent, peeling your head from the […]

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Things never to say to a new parent

It takes a village to raise a child. But sometimes villagers needs to learn when to shut their traps! Here are some things you should avoid saying to new parents. When’s your baby due? I had her 3 months ago *sniff* Treasure every moment. Lovely sentiment, but right now…? Gah! So when are you having […]

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10 weird questions that new mothers google

When I was a new mum over a decade ago, I wasn’t blessed with internet access. This meant that I was left to stew in my own half-baked theories as to whether 10 poo explosions a day was normal, and why my exclusively-breastfed child’s poos contained banana strings and diced tomatoes (can you sense a […]

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Fun and Creative Ways to Announce You’ll Be a Parent

One of the greatest joys in life is the moment you realize you will become a parent. Whether you are a mom or a dad-to-be, there is no reason why others around you shouldn’t share in your bliss. So why not share the wonderful news in a way you’ll all remember forever? Here are some […]

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5 Smart and Original Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Have you ever wondered if everyone secretly gets together and plans on having babies at the same time? We have. Especially when we’re trying to figure out what to get the new parents and their soon-to-be bundles of joy! Is it useful? Will someone else give them the same thing? Do they already have it? […]

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Nesting tips for Baby #1

Style By Emily Henderson_hero

Nesting. It’s inevitable. One day you’re sitting on the couch watching a Project Runway marathon and enjoying the freedom of maternity leave. The next you’re scrubbing the edges of light switches with a cotton bud. The nesting instinct is strong. And it’s not just a human thing. It only makes sense that a mama bird (or […]

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Your hospital bag: The stuff you don’t need

Image: Shutterstock

In those long final weeks of pregnancy, the Packing Of The Hospital Bag can become a bit of an obsession. During my first pregnancy I spent many hours researching, reading online forums and scanning the comments section of blogs to make sure I packed the “perfect” bag. This time around I know the truth: There’s […]

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Baby #2: The stuff I’m scared about

living lifes moments hero

When I started writing this post, I was worried it would get all deep and emotional and freak everybody out. But it turns out I’m not even that scared. I actually found it hard to come up with five things that terrify me. Which is a good sign, I guess! Less time with my big girl Ok. […]

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Baby #2: The stuff I’m excited about

Living Lifes Moments_hero

With less than three months to go, this baby is coming whether I’m ready or not. Each day is a new, exciting, emotional, scary, funny, anxiety-ridden roller coaster ride. Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down, mostly I’m just busting for the loo. My thoughts and emotions are all over the place, so this is my […]

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