How the Bento revolution has transformed children’s mealtimes forever

A picture of Stuck On You Bento boxes that are part of the bento revolution

As we continue our month of celebrating the Stuck On You twenty-fifth anniversary, we look under the hood of one of our most popular products: the Bento Lunch Box.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that packing a school lunch for your kids would be pretty straightforward. A peanut butter sandwich here and an apple there. Throw in a packet of salt-covered chips and a sugar-laden juice and you’re done, right? Wrong!

That may have been a typical schoolchild’s lunch twenty years ago. But, thankfully, times have changed. These days we’re all more health-conscious, and we’re all smarter when it comes to taking better care of ourselves and our kids.

Parents have discovered the Stuck On You Bento Lunch Box and are using it like there’s no tomorrow. Compartments of healthy food held securely and crisply in an airtight container, ready to be gobbled up at any opportunity! What could be better for little ones at school mealtimes?

The Bento revolution

But what is a Bento? What does the name mean? Where did it come from? No, we didn’t just re-design an old-school lunch box and invent our own word for it; we utilised a fantastic idea that has been around for many centuries!

In fact, according to, the Bento’s origin can be traced all the way back to 5th century Japan, where people would pack their lunches in boxes derived from a farmer’s seed box, which “usually features multiple compartments for different dishes, such as rice, vegetables, and fish.”

The word Bento itself translates to “convenient” or “convenience”, which is perfectly apt; we certainly think they’re pretty convenient! But that’s not all they’re good for…

The Bento-vironment

One of our favourite things about our beloved Bento is how good it is for the environment! Because all the food inside a Bento is separated and contained in an airtight seal, it removes the need for any packaging. A Bento lunch can mean the elimination of up to 30 kg of unnecessary waste per schoolchild, per year!

Available in Large and Mini versions—and with Cooler Bags and Backpacks for protection against whatever a kid will throw at it—the Stuck On You Bento is the perfect sustainable mealtime choice for children (and adults) of any age!

A picture outlining all the features of the Stuck On You Bento

Children of the Bento-lution

But what better way is there to understand the brilliance of the Bento than by hearing all about it from one of our beloved users? We chatted with Ava—who is four years old—to see just why she loves the Stuck On You Bento so much!

Stuck On You: So, Ava, thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us! What do you love most about your Bento?

Ava: I like that it keeps my yummy food nice and safe and ready to eat when I want. Also, I love all the patterns on the inside like the stripey one and the dotty one.

Stuck On You: And what made you choose the pretty design on the front of your Bento?

Ava: My funny uncle gave it to me as a present because he knows I love unicorns and purple. I want to own a unicorn someday!

Stuck On You: Most importantly, what are your favourite foods to take in the Bento?

Ava: Grapes, yogurt and pretty berries. My mummy and daddy always put those yummy things in there for me.

*The interview ended at this point, as Ava had an important appointment to keep, one that involved running around the backyard looking for the cat. Thanks to Ava for her time, and we sure hope she gets that hug from the cat!

A picture of a young girl holding her Bento above herhead
Ava with her beloved Bento, just before she went looking for the cat.

Let us know what your favourite things are about the Stuck On You Bento on our Facebook page! We’d also love to see pictures of your Bento from years gone by!